Another sky

Ali, a shepherd who roams with his herds the desolate pastures of Central Asia, heads for a big city in search of his wife who left him many years ago and went to the city to earn her living. The nine-year old son of theirs tags along with Ali.

Ali looks for his wife everywhere, intent on finding her dead or alive. Alienated and not given much to talking, he wanders through the labyrinths of an unfamiliar city.

It is love that drives the hero in this long and hopeless search. It is love that reveals to him the terrible Dantesque discrepancy: love and life are not compatible.

Ali has to go all the way, so as to untangle the skein of his destiny. And the price he pays for that is immeasurable.

In the end, when he completes his mission and the long road is behind him, he emerges again on Earth. But the Earth under his feet is no longer the same, and above him is another sky. 

MetronomeFilms / Arsen Gottlieb production